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1608 S Washington

In our search for a new agency home, we were excited to come across an amazing piece of Amarillo history.

Originally built in 1951, the building once served as Amarillo's Osteopathic Maternity Hospital welcoming the newest members of our community.


The hospital featured 12 beds, two delivery rooms, a labor room and a four-bassinet nursery.


Prominently located along the busy Washington Street Corridor, this amazing structure had long been forgotten.

Upon purchasing the rundown piece of property, we underwent a major renovation with the help of Amarillo-based Diversified Improvement Contractors.


It took several months to convert the old patient rooms into offices and upgrade the electrical and plumbing, but it was well worth the wait! 


We happily re-opened the doors to this Amarillo landmark in September 2016.



Double U Marketing & Communications


Double U Marketing & Communications



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